Kit components


Citrate Sodium
  • Anticoagulant : Citrate sodium 3,8 %
  • Authorization: PCSA381.PSO
  • Dosage: 3.80%
  • Volume: 10 (ml)
  • Type: Glass Vial
  • Use: Medical Device CE 0373


  • Syringe INJ-LIGHT
  • Polypropylene cylinder with scale
  • Polypropylene piston
  • Rubber latex free
  • Cone Luer Lock


Needle Fly Safe
  • Needle FLY SAFE
  • Needle type 304 stainless steel with triple sharpening, diameter and length according to ISO 9626
  • Needle cap polypropylene
  • Rubber latex free
  • 30 cm PVC tube phthalate free (DBP, BBP, DEHP, DNOP and DIDP) and free memory
  • Connector Luer Lock PP


  • Needle MICROTP- SAFE
  • AISI 304 stainless steel needle, lubricated with silicone oil
  • Color code safety cap
  • Mechanism irreversebile Safety
  • Adaptable to both luer syringes that luer lock


P.R.P. Separation Device
P.R.P. Separation Device
P.R.P. Separation Device

The procedure of separation blood component is quick and easy, facilitated by the Push Out system, which allows a high platelet recovery. The PRP is obtained with a single 5 minute centrifugation, this allows to minimize damage to the platelets. The separation device is provided in a volume of 20 ml. The device allows you to visually check the movement of the buffy-coat, then you can decide if having a PRP with or without white blood cells. It is a closed system, patented.

The device consists of a sterile disposable separator cylinder and a reusable plunger screw. The device does not provide for the use of needles for the extraction of the PRP.

Material separation device: Polycarbonate, polyethylene and silicone.